When it comes to marketing, any advertiser dreams of dealing with an ultra targeted audience with strong purchasing power. That's precisely what we offer our partners through our network of ultra-specialized sites. 440Network and its various sites are therefore geared to a clearly defined audience that has grown by leaps and bounds in the past ten years. Welcome to 440 Network!

Large Audience

    For manufacturers, distributors, professional audio equipment resellers, service suppliers and many others, 440 Network communication is a guaranteed gateway to a highly qualified audience with major purchasing power.

    440 Network now hosts over 30,000 visitors per day, and close to 1 million monthly visits are recorded. We currently print more than 2.5 million pages per month. With increasingly rich site content that meets our visitors' needs, it's no surprise that our audience has grown consistently in the past ten years. 440 Network now numbers some 70,000 registered subscribers.

    All of our visitors are insatiable consumers when it comes to musical instruments, audio hardware & software and computer-based gadgets of all kinds.

Reference Web Sites

    440 Network is a collection of information sites for professional musicians, home-studio buffs, sound engineers, technicians and producers; in the broadest sense, it is intended for anyone who uses a computer to produce sound. The highly technical community sites we run were created by professionals for professionals.

    To date, 440Network includes five distinct sites:

Communicating on 440 Network

    Advertising on the Internet is a quite different concept than printing traditional layouts in print magazines. The main particularity is that it enables announcers to be very reactive to the market, adjusting their campaigns in real time when needed or just to quickly react to their competitors counteractions.

    Our company has given itself a mandate to manage a broad spectrum of online communication needs. The team at 440 Network has the expertise to fulfill a complete range of technical requirements linked to constantly evolving Internet technologies.

    At last, as audio professionals and not simply press editors, we believe that a very close partnership with our sponsors is inescapable, avoiding missinterpretation of their products.

Real-time Statistics

    We provide industry standard real-time statistics that show banners impressions, clicks and CTR. Moreover for those who love numbers, we have developed unique tools for you to analyze the behavior of the customers that we send to your site. You will therefore be able to analyse which of our pages send the most visitors to you and more... This is priceless information that no other site can provide as precisely as we can. These statistics are of course measurable by checking your own web server logs.

Advertising Practice

    The current advertising practice on the Internet is to offer available space in the form of CPM or Cost Per "Mille" (Roman numeral for one thousand). This is the price you pay for 1000 impressions of your visual ad. 100 CPM would simply represent the cost for 100.000 banner impressions within a determined period of time.

    The fact that we provide unique online marketing services, doesn’t prevent us from offering one of the most competitive CPM prices on our market. If you look at it, our prices are totally comparable to Google’s Adwords program at the difference that our advertisers will only reach REAL musicians and/or audio consumers.

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