440 Network is a collection of information websites geared to musicians, home-studio buffs, sound engineers, technicians, producers, etc. For more than 15 years now, we have attracted an ever-growing audience by offering increasingly rich site content (available in English and French) and satisfying visitors' (from all over the world) ongoing needs. 440Network now numbers over 100,000 registered members and hosts an average of 35,000 visitors per day.

Over 600,000 passionate musicians rely on the 440Network every month!

*440 is a reference to the A 440 (A - 440 Mhz) often used by musicians -mostly in modern music- to tune their instruments.


    www.MacMusic.org MacMusic is the oldest and most extensive community web site for music professionals and well versed amateurs who use a Mac to make music in the broadest sense. The site features instant "news" and press releases items, a rich links section, world renown user forums, unbiased articles, a major software tracker, a full slate of world wide classified ads and a great deal more.


    www.PcMusic.org Based on MacMusic success story and following our visitors requests, PcMusic is the latest site to have joined the 440Network. PcMusic is the first community web site totally dedicated to the music professionals and well versed amateurs who use a PC to make music and audio. The site features industry news, a site directory, relax user forums, unbiased articles, a software tracker, classified ads and much more.


    www.440software.com 440Software is the extension of the acclaimed audio software sections found on MacMusic & PcMusic. One of the most exiting features of the site is that it offers, the first and only true listing of iOS, iPhone/iPad audio applications that could never be found using iTunes enigmatic search engine. There are many other cool features such as browse by WatchList, categories, audio production, educational, top downloads, top view, top rated, etc.

    440 TV

    www.440tv.com 440TV is THE video broadcast site exclusively dedicated to musicians, and pro audio enthusiasts. Visitors will find hours of useful gear reviews, tutorials, e-lessons, interviews of renown professionals, etc. The community spirit remains with the ability to rate, comment, share or even upload your own videos through a modern and clearly organized web site.

    440 Forums

    www.440Forums.com As its name suggests, 440Forums is a bustling E-forum for die-hard music and audio professionals. With over 70,000 registered members and hundreds of thousands of clearly archived messages, the site covers all things related to audio software (Mac, PC, Linux) musical instruments, synthesizers, guitars, music theory, the music industry and much moreā€”all in a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere!

    Our forums are a must when it to comes to consultation before purchase.


    www.Zicos.com Zicos is a news aggregator that allows visitors to track news briefs published by more than 150 recognized sites. This powerful Internet tool is meant to ensure that you don't miss out on publications that may be useful for your job or your passion. The Zicos search function covers the following themes: Pro Audio, Mac, Tech/PC and Software Downloads.


    www.AudioLexic.org AudioLexic is a "Wiki" dedicated to music and audio terminology. A Wiki is a collaborative system that allows any user to draft, modify or correct articles useful to a community. AudioLexic features hundreds of practical articles and definitions for musicians and other sound aficionados.