Here are some tools and stats that will allow you to see for yourself just how popular our sites are.

A Targeted Audience of Qualified Musicians

    The idea or specificity of 440 Network lies in its target-rich content presented in a far more user-friendly manner then any other generalist music sites found on the web. For instance, if you're searching for information on cycling, you’re more likely to be drawn to a site named than one named, where you risk becoming lost in a maze of categories and sub-categories.

    Our visitors are first and foremost made up of seasoned musicians. A recent survey showed that 57% of our visitors play the guitar, 23% play the keyboards, while 27% practice both. Some 38% of visitors make their living as professional musicians, sound engineers, sound or image editors, producers, composers, etc.

    Recent industry statistics show that advertisers ideal customer is a 25-39 years old male that has a household income (HHI) of + $38,000, has been playing for over 12 years.

    Our Audience : (Based on a 2005 online survey)
    • Average visitors age: 33.4
    • Average HHI: $40,700
    • Average PTB (plan to buy): $2,700.00
    • 79% of our users consult 440Network before buying online.
    • Average years playing music: 16

    Traffic : The numbers speak for themselves

      Over 600,000 "unique" musicians rely on 440Network every month. With over 70,000 registred members, 440Network receives more than 30,000 visits per day. This amounts to over a million visits and more than 2,500,000 pages viewed per month or 30 million pages viewed per year.

      Worldwide Visitors

        The graphic illustrates the distribution of our international audience.

        Google PageRank

          Google accounts for at least two-thirds of traffic on most Web sites. Google's "PageRank" system, which uses a logarithmic scale that makes moving from one level to the next increasingly difficult, is a representative indicator of a Web site's true popularity.

          The Google PageRank levels (measured in real time) for the sites in 440Network are as follows: The form made available below is meant to measure our competitors' PageRank. For more on the Google PageRank, please consult the following Google page, or read this excellent article. from the Wikipedia web site.


            Some of our partners also cite Alexa as a tool for gauging a Web site's popularity. It's important to realize that the Alexa (property of statistical measurement system is based on an average recorded by users of the "Alexa toolbar", which works only with PCs. The population of Macintosh users is thereby passed over, even though half of the professional musicians who visit our sites are Mac users.

            Yet in spite of this measurement system that ignores the majority of our visitors, Alexa measurements remain interesting: