MusicMath 3.0 Adds Pitch and SMPTE Conversion, OS X Support


MusicMath 3.0 Adds Pitch and SMPTE Conversion, OS X Support

Laurent Colson has released MusicMath v3.0. Music Math is freeware for Mac OS 9 and OS X that converts music values (BPM, semi-tones, samples, ms, Hz, Timestretch %). This new version adds a "Note" module to convert notes into MIDI values or frequencies (Hz), and also a basic SMPTE calculator. Version 3 also improves Tap Tempo accurracy, Delay's ranges, and adds milliseconds support to the Sample module.

Music-Math features 7 conversion functions:
- Tempo: computes the equivalent duration for original and new tempos
- Transpose: converts semitones to Time Stretching values
- Delay: convert tempo to musical duration (ms) or equivalent frequencies (Hz); i.e., for LFOs rates.
- Tap: Tap in the tempo
- Samples: convert duration (in samples) to tempo or tempo to sample duration.
- Notes: convert MIDI notes to equivalent frequencies (Hz)
- SMPTE: add or substract SMPTE value

MusicMath can be downloaded for free exclusively at MacMusic:

OSX version:

OS9 version:

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