440TV, Videos that serve audio


Paris, France - August 18, 2008

440TV, Videos that serve audio

440Network is proud to announce the launch of 440TV, a new video site exclusively geared to musicians, and pro audio enthusiasts. Visitors will enjoy finding thousand of useful videos of gear reviews, tutorials, e-lessons, interviews of renown professionals, etc. The community site spirit suggests that users rate, comment, share and upload their own videos through a modern and clearly well organized web site for an always richer content.

With 5 very actives community sites (MacMusic, PcMusic, 440Forums, Zicos and AudioLexic), 440Network is today pleased to announce that 440TV, its new video broadcast site exclusively geared to musicians and pro audio enthusiasts, is now online! Visitors will from now on find in a convenient and well organized web site, over 1500 hot videos about audio gear, guitars, drums, pro audio but also interviews of famous artists and professionals as well as tons of useful e-lessons and hot tips & tricks.

Thanks to 440TV's clean and modern web layout, anyone can easily comment, bookmark, share, rate or even upload their own videos in a typical community site spirit. Facing such huge content, the webmasters at 440TV worked hard to provide an intuitive interface where visitors can simply sort videos by "Category", "Date", "Popularity", or "Manufacturers". A special attention has been brought to the search engine providing an easy to use while very powerful search tool.

It should here be reminded that any member registered to one of the 440Network's web sites, can log-in using the same account information to any other sites of the network, including 440tv, which is simply very cool...

440TV is now live from the following URL :

About 440Network:
The 440Network is a collection of information web sites geared to musicians, DJs, home-studio buffs, sound engineers, technicians, producers, etc. For more than ten years now, they have attracted an ever-growing audience by offering increasingly rich site content available in English and French and satisfying visitors' from all over the world ongoing needs. Over 600,000 passionate musicians rely on the 440Network every month!
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