MacMusic celebrates 10th anniversary in huge party on September 27th.


Paris - September 12, 2007

MacMusic celebrates 10th anniversary in huge party on September 27th.

The 440Network team proudly announces that their flagship site,, will celebrate it's 10th anniversary on September 27th, 2007, during the Apple Expo show in Paris (Sept 25-29).

For this very special occasion, MacMusic has partnered with Apple, Digidesign, M-Audio and U-TV, in order to organize a huge party that will take place at the famous Reservoir club, in Paris. It should be pretty hot as they expect over 600 MacMusicians and VIPs from the local european and international music scene.

Entry is free and the first 400 participants will be offered two tight long drinks. Everyone from the music industry is invited! You simply need to be a registered MacMusic member and subscribe and print your nickname badge (that will be requested at entry) from the following URL :

About MacMusic:
MacMusic was created in 1997. It is a huge community of audio professionals, motivated by the wide possibilities, offered by computers to create music... Visitors can easily access great information thru recent content such as hot news and articles, useful updates, drivers, freewares, daily classifieds, pro yellow pages, inks as well as very dynamic forums and mailing lists. The spirit of the site is faithful to the early internet’s communities where each visitor can freely take advantage of any the numerous services offered by MacMusic.

About 440Network:
The 440Network is a collection of information web sites geared to musicians, DJs, home-studio buffs, sound engineers, technicians, producers, etc. For more than ten years now, they have attracted an ever-growing audience by offering increasingly rich site content available in English and French and satisfying visitors' from all over the world ongoing needs. Over 600,000 passionate musicians rely on the 440Network every month!
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