PcMusic.org, the first site dedicated to Music on PC


Paris, July 12, 2007

PcMusic.org is ONLINE!

The 440Network.com team is proud to announce the launch of the long awaited community site PcMusic.org. Filling a gap, PcMusic is the first community site dedicated to audio professionals, motivated by the huge possibilities, offered by PCs to create music... As all sites part of the 440Network, PcMusic is exclusively focused on offering great content to the pro audio community.

Musicians, DJs, composers, sound engineers, producers, distributors and most of all, PC addicts throughout the world will enjoy finding priceless information as well as an incredible data base resource, useful to their work and or passion. Anyone can freely access, in a surf friendly environment, a great deal of information concerning audio software and hardware dedicated to PCs as well as useful content related to audio sequencers, plugins, audio interfaces, mastering tools and much more.

Visitors will appreciate finding, in clearly labeled tabs, recent news items, articles and unbiased reviews, software and drivers updates, freeware downloads, useful documentation, links, and of course, dynamic forums and mailing lists.

PcMusic.org is the natural extension of the 440Network' flagship site "MacMusic.org" that has been online for over 10 years and counts over 70,000 registered members and over 30,000 daily visits. The spirit of the site is faithful to the early internet communities. Each visitor can freely take advantage of the many services offered on the site. In exchange, the site holders ask their visitors to contribute as much as they can to the expansion of their data base in order to keep the site up, rich of content and up to date.

PcMusic.org is now online and can be found at the following URL :


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