Mew and Zach: New Comic Strip for Mac Music Launched


Mew and Zach: New Comic Strip for Mac Music Launched

William "Macboy" Levin ( and MacMusic ( are launching an exclusive music-themed weekly comic strip poking fun at the latest in Mac music. As far as we know, it's the first regular comic just for Mac music, but with GarageBand emerging, the time seems right!

The news will be posted weekly to MacMusic News (, which is now the Web's largest and oldest source of music news for Mac users, and the only major site to broadcast in both French and English.

The first comic is available on the Mew and Zach page:

About William Levin:
Brooklyn-based artist Levin is known for his Macboy comics like Zap the PRAM and Other Placebos, and his MacToons Flash animations, which have been featured in festivals in New York and Hawaii. These days, William can be found giving Made on a Mac presentations at Apple SoHo in New York City, and Flash animation seminars at Macworld Expo.

About MacMusic:
MacMusic went live September 29th 1997 and has grown to become a huge community with more than 22.000 members, each with a passion driven by the incredible possibilities that the Macintosh offers to compose, arrange and always push the limits of musical creation.
Every visitor of the site can freely take advantage of many articles, recent news, software updates, drivers, shareware/freeware, links, and extremely dynamic, animated and highly informative user forums where humor verges on professionalism.
MacMusic is, ahead of all things, an open website, one of exchanges where everyone can contribute in order to improve (on a daily basis) the databases and information which make the site so unique and alive!


Soif, webmaster
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