MACMUSIC.ORG AND MUSICONMAC.COM JOIN FORCES Announces Peter Kirn as New Editor; Launches New English Content for Mac Musicians -- Combined Site to be Larger, Stronger

September 22, 2003

PARIS, FR / NEW YORK, NY USA: Peter Kirn, founder of the young website musiconmac, has just joined forces with as Chief Editor of the Web's oldest and largest site for Mac musicians.

Peter Kirn, based in New York City, is a leading voice in Mac music technology as a regular lecturer/educator and columnist, as well as being an avid Mac-based composer and musician whose music is regularly performed in the US and abroad. He remains Managing Editor of the popular mobile technology site and Mac standy O'Grady's PowerPage, He will assume a new role as English-Language Editor-in-Chief of, and will oversee the growth and development of MacMusic as well as the inclusion of content formerly on musiconmac. MacMusic is proud to welcome Peter to the site; we think he will seriously enhance our English content. is the oldest, largest community for Mac musicians on the Web. It's also the only bilingual site on the web, with most content available both in English and French. With content production and editing having leaned more heavily to the French side, the addition of Peter will enable more original English content and smoother translations from French. MacMusic's enormous community of volunteers, unique in online Mac publishing, will continue to write in both French and English and provide translations between the two.

New, expanded English coverage planned for coming months includes more news, more in-depth news analysis, reviews, tutorials, interviews with Mac artists and developers, new site features and design improvements, and more.

"Since its introduction, the Mac has been a primary tool for music," says Kirn, "but as OS X has matured, I think we can finally say we're just now hitting Mac music's golden age. I'm really excited to join the Web's largest Mac-specific music-making community, and look forward to building an even better resource for Mac musicians around the globe."


In addition, as part of an alliance with Scott Shepard of Inside Mac Radio,'s Peter Kirn and others will provide exclusive English-language music updates weekly on the Daily Mac Show, which launched this week as the first and only daily Mac audio program.

More infos:

- Francois Dechery aka Soif, Webmaster, +33 1 48 10 33 48
- Peter Kirn, Editor-in-Chief, English Content, US Mobile: (917) 318-8487

About MacMusic:
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