, the end of the adventure ?

Paris, 12/08/2002 , the end of the adventure ?

MacMusic will most probably not be able to continue anymore. Attempts to finance it through advertisements have failed and plans are to close the site in February.

MacMusic in the past...
MacMusic has been thriving for five years thanks to the ongoing dedication of its founder, Soif, who was gradually joined by a group of enthusiastic volunteers, known as "The Team."
MacMusic's success -10,000 visits per day - may be forcing the site to close down. The technical and practical means necessary to have a continually accessible and updated tool represent an investment that can no longer be supported, particularly financially speaking. Server, host, contents management, etc... all involve ever growing expenditures of money and time, that are no longer within the team's realm of possibility.

Hopes for the future...
Over the past few weeks, "The Team" is still working on finding a solution that corresponds to the spirit of its community, a proposition that we believe will retain the attention of all those who hope that MacMusic will not just become a good memory...

Any help would be really welcome !

About MacMusic:
Online since 1997, has become a popular web site, which gathers a huge community of music professionals using macintosh.
The general idea is to permanently gather around a virtual table, Sound engineers, Musicians, Composers, Producers and most of all, Mac addicts throughout the world to create a real information and resource data base, useful to their jobs and/or passions.


Soif, webmaster
MacMusic: Audio, Midi and Music on Macintosh