Minimal Music Plug 1.0 VST released

(for immediate release)

Paris 11/22/2002

Polyfractus releases Minimal Music Plug as a freeware.

MMP is an original multi loop player: This free VST plug-in allows to synchronize 4 sample loops (up to 5 seconds) and to control the drift between the loops. Inspired by Steve Reich's music work who used to trigger a few musical patterns together and to make it gradually move out of synchronization with each other, it creates effects from phasing to polyrythmics.

Any Macintosh software using Steinberg VST technology.
Tested with: Emagic - Logic Audio Platinum, Steinberg - Cubase VST, TC - Spark, Bias - Peak.

This freeware can be downloaded exclusively at :
(screenshot also available)

About Polyfractus:
Polyfractus is a well known independant software writer, since years. His products include DR-Verb, a reverb plug-in that some people compare to the most expensives ones from famous manufacturers... (see the article on SoundOnSound)

About MacMusic:
Online since 1997, has become a popular web site, which gathers a huge community of music professionals using macintosh.
The general idea is to permanently gather around a virtual table, Sound engineers, Musicians, Composers, Producers and most of all, Mac addicts throughout the world to create a real information and resource data base, useful to their jobs and/or passions.


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