MacMusic Tracker

Paris, 09/01/2002

MacMusic today annouces the launch of its MacMusic Tracker.

It is a powerfull and unique service used to track the latest mac music softwares releases.
Each software record includes a small description, a direct download link, as well as a link to the editor and its product page.
Theses daily updated pages are sorted by date but can also be browsed by software categories.

The MacMusic Tracker (sorted by release date):

The softwares directory (sorted by category):

(It is surprising to see how many musicians tools are released each month...)

About MacMusic:
Online since 1997, has become a popular web site, which gathers a huge community of music professionals using macintosh.
The general idea is to permanently gather around a virtual table, Sound engineers, Musicians, Composers, Producers and most of all, Mac addicts throughout the world to create a real information and resource data base, useful to their jobs and/or passions.


Soif, webmaster
MacMusic: Audio, Midi and Music on Macintosh