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Dear MacMusicians,

I am very pleased to announce the next evolutionary step of your site made possible by the creation of my new Company, Milliseconde. This has been primarily done to satisfy the exponential demand of advertisers wanting to communicate on our site.

In fact, the written press is going through a difficult time, and many of the software and hardware manufacturers have convinced me of the importance of opening MacMusic to Advertising.

So now it is done ! ! !

You may have already noticed that major advertisers in our industry such as Sony, Universal and others have already chosen to be present on MacMusic so they can communicate to other professionals such as yourself.

This new structure will allow me to concentrate fully on the content of MacMusic, notably in allowing us to finance the technology necessary to keep up with the growth our site which is still unique in this world.

I would like to take this opportunity to personnally thank all the visitors and those who have supported us in many ways which has permitted us MacMusic to become the uncontested leader on its sector, and I personnally pledge myself to do everything possible so that our site is a daily tool that is as agreable to work with as it is useful to use.

MacMusically Yours,

Your Macmusic Webmaster
Francois Dechery (aka 'Soif')

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