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Dear members,

We at 440Network are truly proud to announces the launch of our new website exclusively dedicated to audio software on Mac, PC and iOS systems, "$target>http://en.440audio.com/software/">440Software.

440Software"$target>http://en.440audio.com/software/">440Software is the extension of the audio software section found on our mother sites, MacMusic.org and PcMusic.org while offering much more useful content to audio passionates and professionals.

One of the most exiting features of this new site is that it offers, the first and only true listing of iOS, iPhone / iPad / Ipod Touch audio applications that could never be found using iTunes enigmatic search engine. Ever tried searching for an analog synth on iTunes ? It usually finds hundreds of Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga's songs and videos, right ? Well simply try the same search on 440Software"$target>http://en.440audio.com/software/">440Software and you might just find 563 real "analog synths" for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch !!!

The second unique site feature is that you can from now on create a "watch list" that will automatically email you as new versions of your software is available...

440Software"$target>http://en.440audio.com/software/">440Software already lists over 3500 Mac/PC and 5800 iPhone/iPad audio Applications !

We truly believe this new site will help all of you keep your iPhone, iPad, Mac & PC audio software up to date !

Enjoy !

The 440Network team.


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