MacMusic Celebrates Seven Years on the Web


MacMusic Celebrates Seven Years on the Web, ( the first bilingual (English and French-speaking) community site devoted to music and audio on the Mac, celebrated its seventh anniversary on the web on September 29th. Faithful to its initial community spirit, MacMusic is led by professionals and other passionate people, and its popularity continues to grow and grow: its membership recently surpassed 40,000 and approximately 20,000 visitors connect to the site every day.

MacMusic made its first appearance on the web in 1997 as a discussion list, whose web address was given by a weblink the following year. In 1999, the web site was created, and the discussion list disappeared for good the following year. Also in 2000, the classifieds section came into existence, together with the links directory. In 2001, the forums opened, greatly strengthening the community spirit of the site, and later that year, MacMusic made a name for itself on an international scale, becoming completely bilingual.

Today, MacMusic is divided into 6 totally bilingual sections: news, links, forums, articles, classifieds and software, each of which are updated daily by the MacMusic team and other contributing members. For both visitors and members alike, the site represents a unique source of information on the internet, and has always been, since its very beginning, characterized by the quality, the professionalism and the freedom of tone that are the very essence of MacMusic.

About MacMusic:
MacMusic went live September 29th 1997 and has grown to become a huge community with more than 40.000 members, each with a passion driven by the incredible possibilities that the Macintosh offers to compose, arrange and always push the limits of musical creation.
Every visitor of the site can freely take advantage of many articles, recent news, software updates, drivers, shareware/freeware, links, and extremely dynamic, animated and highly informative user forums where humor verges on professionalism.
MacMusic is, ahead of all things, an open website, one of exchanges where everyone can contribute in order to improve (on a daily basis) the databases and information which make the site so unique and alive!


Paul Clouvel

MacMusic: Audio, Midi & Music on Macintosh