Mac Musicians Produce Their Own Theme Song

PRESS RELEASE - September 24, 2003

Mac Musicians Produce Their Own Theme Song: Puts Love for Mac Music-Making in Music

PARIS, FRANCE -- Musicians have long been known for their particular preference for Macs. Now, for the first time, that preference has been set to music, in a tongue-in-cheek song, "Mac Music," produced by two founders of, the web's oldest and largest Mac music community.

Mac musicians are far from platform agnostic, but the new song, written for last week's Apple Expo 2003 in Paris, is the first to dramatize the Mac platform's love. It's a passionate tale of heartbreak (from using a PC) and redemption (writing a love song on the Mac). Eric Nolot and Francois Dechery composed, performed and produced the song, with the intention of holding massive sing-a-longs in MacMusic's booth at Apple Expo.

"I think we succeeded in doing that," said MacMusic founder and webmaster Francois Dechery. "Each time I met someone at the expo he was coming to me saying 'MacMusic HanHan', with a smile." The song was produced on Pro Tools with a SampleCell sampler and external keyboard, with guitar and voice by Eric and keyboard, recording, editing, and mixing by Francois.

In a first for MacMusic, Francois and company played and recorded the chorus part of the song onstage during the AppleExpo demo, demonstrating how easy and fast music production is on a Mac, including production techniques like voice/guitar recording, adding drum loops, sampling and time-matching brass, voice modifying with a vocoder, and virtual synths.

The song, like the website, is bilingual, with both French and English versions available. The song is streaming around the clock at:

(English) Peter Kirn, 917-318-8487 mobile,
(French) Francois Dechery, +33 1 48 10 33 48

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