Extremely rare, The MacMusic CD

Extremely rare Collector's : The MacMusic CD

MacMusic.org announces the release of a rare "home made" CD , produced and edited by its members. The (free) MMCD brings together 21 musicians from all over the world, and offers 75 mn of gifted and various kind of music. It's a world first on the web. That event underlines the strong community spirit in MacMusic.

It's quite rare and rather exceptionnal to merge and get together member's resources on a collective cultural project. MacMusic did it. All pieces included are original and specially developed for this event.

This CD received the whole know-how from teamers and members of the site: producing, playing, singing, mixing, equalising, mastering, burning, legalising... and so on. A collective production issued from the virtual world! 21 artists are listed on the CD from Usa, Norway, UK, France... and they show a large music panel of what is possible to do with a Mac.

Something important to add about this exceptional event: Among the 21 tracks, an international star brought his/her personnal touch and you have to recognize his/her hand... could you ?

The MMCD will be offered to each person who subscribe as an Active Member: It's the best way to support MacMusic development, isn'it ?

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About MacMusic:
Online since 1997, MacMusic.org has become a popular web site, which gathers a huge community of music professionals using macintosh.
The general idea is to permanently gather around a virtual table, Sound engineers, Musicians, Composers, Producers and most of all, Mac addicts throughout the world to create a real information and resource data base, useful to their jobs and/or passions.


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