Spectrogram 0.1 VST released

Paris 07/09/2002

Polyfractus just released Spectrogram as a freeware.

Spectrogram is a real-time spectrum analyzer VST plug-in for Macintosh.
The spectrum may be shown in 4 different modes: "Spectrograph view" - "Waterfall view/ 3D" - "Spectrogram view" - "Power view"

Any Macintosh software using VST technology. Tested softwares include Logic Audio Platinum, Cubase VST, Spark, Peak.

- Input choice (mono/stereo)
- FFT Size choice (1024/4096): size of samples to analyse.
- View mode
- Magnitude.
- Scroll/frame speed

About Polyfractus:
Polyfractus is now a well known independant software writer, since years. His products include DR-Verb, a reverb plug-in that some people compare to the most expensives ones from famous manufacturers... (see article on SoundOnSound)

This freeware can be downloaded at (screenshot also available):

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